Friday, 24 June 2011

RIP Gene Colan

Very sad news. Gene Colan dies

Gene Colan was the artist behind the best of the favourite comic strip of my teens, Howard The Duck. As I was growing up I marvelled - I mean literally marvelled - at his abilities as a draughtsman and storyteller. There was no bigger contrast in comics than that between an issue of a comic that was regularly drawn by Gene Colan and a filler issue drawn by anyone else. Gene's art looked real. I mean REAL. Anyone else looked like some sort of cartoonist filling in for the master.

I read, and still keep and treasure, Gene Colan's Doctor Strange, Daredevil, Tomb Of Dracula, Howard The Duck, Avengers and Batman. I also have fondest memories of his quirkiest strips including Slow Glass, a painted strip in a 1970s Marvel sci fi comic based on a short story (I'll have fun finding that in the boxes in storage tomorrow).

Gene Colan's comic strip artwork deserves to be in gallery collections, he is such a significant part of 20th century popular art. In tribute I shall dig out his stuff tomorrow and read it. Essential Howard The Duck, it could be you.

Kev F

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