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Sitcom Trials - time to vote

SITCOM TRIALS - TIME TO VOTE (Everyone welcome)

Right everyone, all the scripts are in (sorry if you missed the deadline) now is the chance for you to vote and help decide which scripts go through to this month's Sitcom Trials at the Manchester Comedy Festival. There are 18 scripts in the files at the Sitcom Trials in contention for the Manchester show.

I'd like you all to read, review and vote on them now. You post your votes on the BSG form, and you vote YES, MAYBE or NO to every script you read, and give a Twitter length review of each to prove you've read it.

Deadline for votes Sat Oct 8th.

Tickets for the event itself, which is part of the Manchester Comedy Festival, only cost £3 and details are here.

Don't worry if you don't get to read them all. Your votes are counted Yes=2, MAYBE=1, NO= minus 1. So anything you don't vote on doesn't affect the figures. The scripts are:

A Fish Tale.docx
The Redstones buy a Goldfish for their daughters birthday

Animal Something.docx
its man against beast. there can be only one winner. 2 scottish numptys on a couch.

Apocalyptic Cake Sale.pdf
The world has ended, but two motivational coaches try to see it in a more positive light: it’s just the right time for a new beginning…

Art for Art Sake.pdf
Can the new manager of a regional art centre save it from financial ruin, whilst keeping his somewhat belligerent staff on his side?

As Plain As Day.pdf
Plainclothes Detective Jack Day just wants an easy life. So why do things always have to get complicated?

Doing it for the kids.doc
Doing it for the kids by Ian Clarke Episode: Cape Fear

Go Wild In The Country.doc
Go Wild - Jane Simon - Show 2

KMSOG for Nov 25 2002

Love Bites

Leaping Tiger.pdf
A young monk has ambitions.

Main Text.docx
Job Club by Phil Carter

Not at the Allotment.doc
Not at the Allotment

Stepping Stone.pdf
A charity to help the unemployed get employed

taking of peckham 123.pdf
Footlights: Ep 2 'The taking of Peckham 123

Tallent Spotters 2.pdf
Surreal script editors face a difficult pitch at the production company offices.

The Mad Axe-Man and Her.rtf
Mad Axe-Man and Her - 2 Hander

The Tragic Life of Roger Bulwark.pdf
The Tragic Life Of Roger Bulwark

The Wednesday-Thursday Club

There is more detailed chat about the event and between writers here on the British Comedy Guide Forum,and you can see lots of videos from previous Sitcom Trials, including the TV series and the most recent season at the Leicester Square Theatre at or on the Sitcom Trials YouTube channel.

Good luck.

Kev F
The Sitcom Trials

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