Thursday, 29 September 2011

Travels in Ireland

Blimey. It's nearly half past eleven and I'm finally in my hotel in Letterkenny. Sat out in the corridor cos that's the only place the wifi works of course.

Actually not as wound up as that sounded. It all just took a long time. Bus times in Ireland seem to be more of a serving suggestion than strict guidelines that need to be followed. Both buses today from the airport set off 15 minutes late and tonight's arrived half an hour late.

So I was up at 5am, left house at 6, flying at 8, into Dublin at 8.55 (we got the Ryanair fanfare), then my 9.30 bus leaves at 9.45, gets me into Navan at 10.45 in time to start at 11. I do classes solid to 3.45, finish copying by 4.15, a lift to the busstop for 4.30, catch the 5.05 back into Dublin airport ( though Navan to Letterkenny is only 3 hours, there's no direct bus), arrive 6.05, get a pint at the airport, wait for the 7.05 bus, it leaves at 7.20 and I'm in Letterkenny for 11.15. I can't even add up how many hours that is travelling.

Tomorrow I get picked up from my hotel at 7.45. That's the good news. The less good news is that breakfast begins at 7.30. Life of leisure, that's me.

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