Monday, 26 September 2011

Now that's what I call forward planning - Socks tickets 2012

Bringing a whole new dimension to the notion of forward planning, one of our favourite venues has started sending us weekly ticket sales reports for a forthcoming Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre show. Nothing unusual in that, I'm a great fan of venues who keep me up to date on sales, enabling me to boost the publicity and try and get those bums on those seats. It's also not unusual for me to get a little anxious when I get the reports for two weeks in a row and ticket sales are standing at zero.

However the weekly sales reports from the Lemon Tree in Aberdeen are a little bit different. Yes, it's worrying that the sales have stood at zero for a fortnight. But, no, it's not really that worrying given that the show doesn't take place until April 2012. I wouldn't really expect to sell any tickets until January. But to save me from three more months of negative sales, what say we all spread the word about the Socks gig in Aberdeen next April and see if we can't make this our earliest sellout ever. (The previous record is, I think, an Edinburgh show selling out 5 days in advance, so no pressure). Click for tickets, and spread the word.

UPDATE Oct 3rd - Wa-hey! We've sold three tickets already. Keep it up, only six months left now!

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