Friday, 9 September 2011

Dr Who Swipe File revisited

A short while back I did a jokey blog, pointing out the similarities between a Doctor Who US comic which parodied MC Escher, and my own Doctor Who Escher pastiche from earlier in the year. This was the cover I was talking about:

The artist got a bit upset because I used the headline "Swipe File" which suggested I thought he was copying someone else's idea, which of course I wasn't. I was just pointing out that great minds think alike and that we'd both done Doctor Who in the style of MC Escher. Since then IDW have updated the Doctor Who cover which now looks like this:

Now, I'd hate to bandy words like "swipe" around again. But check this out...

I'm saying nothing.

PS: On the original blog post, the artist has commented that his editor suggested it, and that they knew it was a Phantom Stranger homage. I'm only posting this update today because, in my ignorance, I hadn't remembered the Phantom Stranger cover until now. No offence meant. Now if you'll excuse me, Captain Clevedon won't draw himself unless I go get some Gil Kane pictures to trace.

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