Sunday, 4 September 2011

Socks in Aarhus

The Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre has just enjoyed performing three shows over two days in Aarhus and, for the first time, Copenhagen in Denmark. The first Aarhus show was a total sellout, the second didn't do badly, and Copenhagen had a very good turnout too. Thanks a million to Tommy Neilsen for bringing me over and being my chauffeur and companion throughout, and to Torben Dahl at Katapult for the shows there.

The audiences speak and understand English very well, and it was only references to UK TV shows and cultural things that needed any explanation, and there were laughs to be got from things that clearly made no sense in Denmark. From memory, things to avoid in future would be: Rod Hull (TV routine), Ian Paisley, Ian Beale, basically anyone called Ian (Halloween routine), Fern Britton, parody of an Irish accent (St Patrick routine). Songs they didn't seem so familiar with (so didn't quite get the parody) were Always A Woman To Me, I Only Have Eyes For You and Supercalifragilistic. Big hits were Period Drama, Western, Michael Jackson, sawing a sock in half, Vuvuzela, Star Wars, Facebook song, Word Association (suprisingly), Cross Channel Cooking. Best reactions came from the alibs and audience interaction which was very good, especially in Aarhus, who've now had 5 Socks shows this year, more than any other city in the world!

There are plans for more Scandinavian shows, so fingers crossed there. And I do enjoy being paid to go on city break tours to interesting places in Europe. Anyone else want us? International tour ahoy.

A blast from the past


Having returned last night and enjoyed a bit of TV - Doctor Who Night Terrors was quite good, I'd always thought Fear Her was crying out for a remake - I settled into some Youtoobling (playing videos, see what links come to mind). The starting point was a hashtag game, started by Tiff Stevenson, #ifheatmagdidshakespeare. Here are my contributions followed by the videos I trawled...

Phew! What A Portia! #ifheatmagdidshakespeare

Is this a Swagger Jagger that I see before me? #ifheatmagdidshakespeare

All that vajazzles is not gold #ifheatmagdidshakespeare

To Be Or Not To Be, BA Robertson #youtoobling

Hamlet classic TV ads. Happiness #ifheatmagdidshakespeare #youtoobling

Romeo & Juliet, Dire Straits. I saw this in the cinema, somehow #youtoobling (I think it was the olden days)

Mr Big, Romeo. Eat this Baz Luhrmann #youtoobling #ifheatmagdidshakespeare

I Don't Care, Shakespeare's Sister #youtoobling

Shakespear's Sister, The Smiths #youtoobling

To Be Or Not To Be, Mel Brooks #youtoobling

Springtime For Hitler, The Producers #youtoobling

The 2000 Year Old Man Mel Brooks #youtoobling

Old Friends, Simon & Garfunkel #youtoobling

Old Man, look at my life Neil Young #youtoobling

Heard on @BBCradio2 Dermot/ @ajhmurray today. Reginald Bosanquet, Dance With Me. Genius

Dancing With The Captain

Katy Perry, Last Friday Night #youtoobling

The Night Before, Them Beatles #youtoobling

Because The Night, Bruce Springsteen (and McDonalds ad. Whore) #youtoobling

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