Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Where's Twitter when you want it?

Twitter disappeared tonight just when, after a couple of days without using it, I felt the need to express myself passive-aggressively through it as we started to get music booming through from the flat upstairs, which is quite unusual. I had to resort to Facebook to let it out (and hope someone was reading).

Dear upstairs, that stereo is way too loud! Downstairs will think its us. (Dear downstairs, it's not us). 10.15pm Wednesday

Dear Upstairs, we can now hear We Shall Overcome, every word. It's 22.22 on a school night! (Dear Downstairs, hope you're reading this - it's SO not us)

Oh good, now upstairs has moved from Springsteen to something that sounds like Me Myself & I by DeLa Soul. It's 10.30pm on a school night.

Can now hear De La Soul, 3 is a Magic Number the floor from upstairs. Have rung to complain. They can't hear the phone. Now 10.45pm on a school night. Going to have to go up and say something.

(Seems he did hear the phone because...)

Phew, that's better. Music got turned down at 10.45. Thanks upstairs (and downstairs I do hope you've been reading this. We don't own any Bruce Springsteen or De La Soul, it wasn't us!)

That said, I can still hear what maybe an unfamiliar De La Soul track. If it hadn't been for the table-shaking level of earlier, we'd think that stereo was quite loud. What's changed up there? (22.45)

I was just about to "tweet" that the music upstairs had stopped at 23.16. He was changing the CD. It got turned down but it's still bugging the hell out of someone with an early start tomorrow (and possibly a cold). I DO hope downstairs don't think it's us.

(Finally, at about 23.20...)

I think it's finally finished. That was a long hour to be without the steam-valve release of Twitter.

So, who wants to buy a flat?

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