Thursday, 8 September 2011

Socks Riots video suddenly very popular

The Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre's video about the London Riots, from a month ago, has suddenly had a peak in viewing figures. Quite a big peak, shooting up from about 3000 viewings to over 16,000 viewings. This suggests someone's made it into a featured video, or included it on a high profile site.

Either way, not only has it brought in lots of viewers, it's brought in lots of comments. Bless their cotton socks, here's what our new fans have to say:

Why have people liked this video? It's so like..stupid and gay

This video gave me aids. :[

but in a really good way.

@XtremeOwner Well *I* bike it because I'm gay. So, there's 2 thousand odd "liking" people there. Maybe they're all gay like me?

@sibeliandrift No, if anything they liked your video because it was stupid which made them laugh. Your some guy in his 20s who puts socks on his hands and talks to himself for 3 minutes, chatting a load of nonsense. Try using this technique on girls, I'm sure they'll dig you. ;)

UPDATE Friday morning, viewing figures have gone up to over 26,000. Must be doing something right, but still no idea what:

UPDATED UPDATE Saturday morning, views are now at 31,707. Still none the wiser.
AND AGAIN - 10.17 Saturday morning, it's now 32,566!
AND AGAIN - 6pm Saturday we're now on 33,503 which shows signs of slowing. Good while it lasted.
AND - 11pm Saturday we're up to 34,540 (according to the video itself) and 35,116 according to our main page. It's all happening.
SUNDAY 7.45am - Views up to 36,662.
SUNDAY 9pm - 38,272.
MON 12/9/11, 4.45pm - 42,421
MON 9.50pm - 43,638
TUES 8.40pm - 45,748, 11.15pm - 46,202
WEDS 6.33am - 46,091, 7.30pm - 47,578
THU 6.20am - 48,378, 6pm - 49,079
SAT 17/9/11 11.20pm - 52,616
MON 19/9/11 8.30am - 54,793

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