Sunday 1 January 2012

Predictions for 2012 (please join in)

Predictions 2012

Hi, Nostradamus here again with my fun-packed New Year pastime for all the family.

You are welcome to join me in the 2012 prediction game. Add your predictions as a comment or reply and in 12 months time we see who came closest. First here are the questions:

1) Which classic TV show will be remade in 2012?

2) Which TV shows will be cancelled in 2012?

3) Who will surprise by getting their own hit TV series?

4) What new movie franchise will be announced/made?

5) How much will litre of petrol cost in Dec '12 (currently approx £1.30)?

6) Who will win Edinburgh Comedy Award 2012?
a) Best act? b) Best newcomer?

7) Celeb on the Slab?

8) Who will win the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest?

9) Who will become Mayor of London?

10) Who will be 13th Doctor Who?

11) Who will win US Presidency?

12) Who will be Labour leader at end of 2012?

13) Will any countries leave the Euro? If so who?

14) Surprise country to have a revolution/uprising?

15) What will be surprise invention/technicological advance?

16) Will average UK house prices rise or fall by Dec '12?

17) Biggest scandal
18) Biggest change in national newspapers
19) Biggest weather news
20) Christmas Number 1

Now, my guesses...

1) The Good Life, The Avengers, Danger Mouse, Adam Adamant Lives, Fawlty Towers (the musical)
2) Top Gear, Doctor Who, X Factor, Never Mind The Buzzcocks, Hollyoaks
3) Christine Bleakley
4) Desperate Dan
5) £1.30 (ie no overall change)
6) a) A former Cambridge Footlighter b) An Avalon act
7) Prince Phillip - during the Olympics
8) Croatia
9) Boris Johnson again
10) Himish Patel (plays Tamwar in Eastenders)
11) Barack Obama again
12) Ed Miliband still
13) No. Italy.
14) Southern states of USA
15) The roll-up iPad
16) Fall by 5%
17) Ricky Gervais jailed
18) Sun adds Sunday edition
19) Snow & ice begins in October
20) Poverty charity single inc Bananarama


Ivy said...

Hi Kev!
Great idea!
Here are my predictions:

"Two and a half Men" will be cancelled, and Angus T Jones and Aston Kutcher will both get their own shows.

More classic TV shows will be remade as movies, including Gilligan's Island, the Time Tunnell and the Land of the Giants.

I would like to see Tom Gaebel sing for Germany in Eurovision 2012, and Volkan Baydar sing for Germany or Turkey. Mehrzad Marashi
has a good chance of being selected to sing for Germany. Eurovision is so unpredictable now however I have no idea if any of them will carry the telephone vote to win.

The next Dr Who will be an unknown actor.

Hopefully Obama will win a re election. Whatever happens, some of the Republican candidates will make themselves look like complete idiots as the campaign makes its slow painful progression towards November 2012.

Ed Miliband will still be Labour leader at the end of the year.

The UK will have heavy blizzards during the rest of the winter. The summer will have only a few warm days that take place long apart- most of the season will have everyone wondering if its ever going to get hot.

The Christmas number 1 will be a song that made its premier on Facebook.

New movie franchises will include Green Arrow, Aquaman, and the Atom.
Because of all the Marvel characters that have been made into movies I wouldn't be surprised if a remake of Howard the Duck is announced.



Shaun Clarkson said...

1) The Tomorrow People, Cheers
2) Blue Peter, Bargain Hunt, Newsnight
3) Roland Rat
4) The (inflation adjusted) 26 Million Dollar Man
5) £1.35
6) a) Josie Long b) A political ventriloquist
7) Elton John
8) Poland
9) Boris Johnson
10) John Simm. Or they give in to the Doctor's wish and pick Katherine Parkinson, so first words after regeneration are "Yes! Ginger!"
11) Obama
12) Ed Milliband
13) Yes. Greece
14) Greece
15) Force-feedback gaming suit for Kinect.
16) London small increase, rest of country static.
17) Republicans caught attempting to fake evidence Michelle Obama is secret Muslim.
18) Guardian goes online only
19) Tornadoes during Olympics
20) Re-release of Anarchy in the UK

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