Sunday, 29 January 2012

Socks at Leicester Comedy Festival - Flog It!

The Scottish Falsetto Socks play Leicester Comedy Festival on Feb 9-11. This is some of what they got up to there last year:

What is the most effective way of publicising a comedy show? After five years of producing The Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre (and over a decade of The Sitcom Trials) I often feel like I've cracked it (ie flyering at the Edinburgh Fringe, which works a treat and at which I am brilliant) then sometimes I feel like it's all an elusive mystery (eg last year's tour dates in Builth Wells and Milton Keynes whose audiences combined have already been outsold by our forthcoming April gig in Aberdeen though I put no less effort or expense into publicising either).

In the past The Socks' YouTube videos have played a big part in building their audiences and, I'll confess, there's been a bit of a dearth in video production so far this year. But one thing I am experimenting with is Twitter promotion. I've discovered a method by which you can post-date your Tweets. This enables me to plan a regular drip-feed of tweets which will appear at various times of the day and the week between now and the show in question and will, hopefully, catch the eye of the casual reader who might possibly retweet it and the word will find itself spread and we'll end up with bums on seats. Will it work? We'll find out next week in Leicester (where we'll be premiering new work from the Edinburgh show I've started writing, as well as including some favourites).

Here are some of the Tweets that have already been popping up across the past weeks. If you fancy reposting any of these and really annoying the hell out of everyone on your Twitter feed, be our guests...

Ratby? Saddington? Foxton Locks? Everyone's talking 'bout Scottish Falsetto Socks In Leicester Feb 9-11 #dlcf

Gallowtree Gate? Can not wait! Everybody's talking 'bout Scottish Falsetto Socks In Leicester Feb 9-11 #dlcf

Belton, Bardon, Ellistown, everybody talk about Scottish Falsetto Socks renown In Leicester Feb 9-11 @DavesLeicsFest

Your stadium isn't Walkers but your logo's still a fox? Everyone talk about Scottish Falsetto Socks Leicester Feb 9-11

In Harby, Hose and Kirby Bellars, everybody says their Socks are smellars In Leicester Feb 9-11 @DavesLeicsFest

Abbey Park? Bradgate Park? Woodhouse Eaves? Everyone's talking 'bout Scottish Falsetto Socks Leicester Feb 9-11 #dlcf

... there are many more of these, you know where to look out for them. We've also been doing this for forthcoming gigs in Milford Haven & Bridlington:

Comedy-starved in Cilrhedyn, Eglwyswrw, Nevern? Scottish Falsetto Socks play Milford Haven Apr 12

- And I'm trying it to promote my Mr Hawk book on Amazon:

Severed hand found in Stoneygate:

Mystery of severed hand found in Sileby: #leicestershire #crime

etc etc. I'll let you know how well this pans out. The book's sold 3 copies so far, by the way.

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