Friday, 15 June 2012

Neverseconds-Gate: Argyll & Bute Ukraine football connection?

Argyll & Bute Council

The news today has been full of Martha Payne's brilliant school dinners blog Never Seconds, in which she photographed her school dinners every day. A splendid blog that was raising money for charity and actually helping improve the food at her school suddenly found itself banned by Argyll & Bute council who've taken it upon themselves to censor a 9 year old schoolgirl and forbid her taking photographs in school. This seems unusually heavy handed, as does the statement they have issued on the subject. And it was seeing this statement online that caused me to spot an odd similarity. Doesn't that Celtic Cross look uncannily like the one used as a symbol by neo-Nazi football supporters in the Ukraine, as revealed by BBC 1's Panorama last month? Are they related? We should be told.

NB: This post is purely for satirical purposes and is not meant to cast aspersions against the perfectly innocent symbol of the Celtic Cross which has been used in Scotland, Ireland and Europe by non-Nazis for many hundreds of years.

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