Friday, 19 April 2013

Banned by Frankie Boyle, and other diary round-ups

Being a round-up of nonsense I may have noted on Twitter and Facebook but forgotten to put in this more 'permanent' form. Beginning with me being banned from following Frankie Boyle on Twitter...

No, me neither. I was alerted to this when The Guardian wrote a piece about Frankie's Twitter commentary on the Thatcher funeral, which I totally missed as a result (and two days later it really didn't have the same impact). Why would a broadcaster ban individuals from following their programme? We may never know. But, after Tramadol Nights, that's a second strike for Frankie. One more and he's out of my good books.

Private Eyes on eBay

Ever wanted to see how little interest you can attract to eBay? Try putting half a dozen Private Eyes from 1967-1972 up there. Not a sausage.

Random tweets:

All this fuss over the Thatcher funeral. Ted Heath just asked to be buried at sea, inserted into a small buoy.

First easily misconstrued headline of the day: Rebel Wilson killed at the MTV Movie Awards

Ooh, been forgetting to do my little triumphant song every time we book a tour date. So, catching up, here goes... Whoo -

Whoo hoo Leeds! Whoo hoo Horsham! Whoo hoo Birmingham! Whoo hoo Belfast! Whoo hoo Barton! New Socks tour dates

The Socks' most watched video this week, oddly, is The Eden Hazard Song (not the Mrs Thatcher stuff. Fair enough)

If only he hadn't written upon it "Return to Sender" : Accused ricin-mailer is an Elvis-impersonater

Not sure whether to do my celebratory Tour-Date-Confirmed dance for an "I'll ping some date options back to you". Think I'll hold fire.

Ho ho, Facebook satire

Today's Most-Easily-Misconstrued Tweet Of The Day: Had fab blowy pm in Nottingham

Not upgraded the carpet since 1993 I see. : 1993 vs 2013

Keep forgetting to do our little celebration dance when we confirm a Socks tour date booking. So, whoo-hoo Farnham!

Doing a celebration dance for confirming another Socks tour date. Whoo-hoo Chorley! Autumn tour now biggest yet. Whoo-and very much-hoo.

  1. Hit Me Baby One More Timeslip
  2. Running Up That Grange Hill
  3. The Demon Headmaster Blaster Jamming
  4. Sound And Chucklevision
  5. Bod Only Knows
  6. Papa's Got A Brand New Bagpuss
  7. Fraggle Rock Around The Clock

And from Facebook..?
Last Night Of The Proms is to be led by a female conductor at the Royal Albert Hall for the first time in the history of the event.
At last, the 1978 show.

There, that's these questions answered, now we can get on with our day
Ho ho. Unwittingly, Facebook sums up just how much of a boon it really is to all our lives...
Ho ho, Facebook satire

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