Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Socks Mrs T song on the front of Chortle

The Socks Mrs Thatcher song from yesterday has been honoured with the video slot on the front page of Chortle. Yes, I still call it a front page or front cover cos I'm old school. Enjoy it while it's there. Steve, Bennett the editor, was running a video contest with a cash prize which we entered but didn't win for a couple of months. He's now given that up as only a few people were entering it, probably me & four others, and the ad revenue came to pennies. So videos are free again, but it's still flattering to be the one that's chosen.

At time of writing, the video has attracting 700 viewings, making it our fastest-growing video since The Pope Resigns. For the record, here's the Top Ten viewing figures from the last few months:

Top 20 Horse Meat Gags - 53,065
Pope Resigns - 3469
Socks Gangnam Style - 2402
Eden Hazard Song - 1310
Where Am I Now? - Bowie song - 1017
Richard III - 816
Top 10 Snow Gags - 762
Where's Captain Kirk - 756
Song For Mrs Thatcher - 702 (after half a day)*
Fireball XL5 - 630

* Song For Mrs T is up to 960 viewings 3.45pm the same day.
Thurs 8am, Mrs T video has had 2246 viewings.

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