Sunday, 16 June 2013

Hello Socks fans - Edinburgh ahoy!

Hello, we are the Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre
 - and so am I
 - and so is he. And we just wanted to take a moment to thank you for being our fans.

This Spring has been our busiest ever and we'd like to thank everyone who's come to see us from Inverness to Malta, from Cardigan to Keighley, at the Glasgow, Leicester and Brighton festivals, and at the dozens of other shows all over the country (and don't worry, there's plenty more to come). Whether you've come to see us live, watched us on Youtube or followed us on Facebook and Twitter, we love you all and hope you're enjoying our nonsense.

Coming up very soon is the Edinburgh Fringe where we're bringing our new show Scottish Falsetto Socks In Space and we'd love your help in making this - and all the preview shows running up to it - the biggest and best ever.

You'll have seen some of Socks In Space online (eg Vinny Jones CPR and Fireball XL5 are in the show) and some bits of it have been tested out in our Spring tour (you may have seen routines like Bionics, the Taylor Swift song, crewman Expendable, and a long version of The Melies Brothers, all of which have been cut as we've gone along) but most of the show has yet to be seen live and we're looking forward to unveiling it.

Now we know you'll have already booked your tickets for Edinburgh, if you're going, or the Preview show that comes nearest to you (if you haven't, there's a list below). All we can ask is that if you have any friends or family who you think are Socks fans in waiting, please let them know we're coming. Show them your favourite Socks video and send them our way and we'll make this summer a whopping great big Socks party.

Yours with heaps of Sock love

The Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre*

COUNTDOWN TO EDINBURGH - your chances to see the Scottish Falsetto Socks between now and Edinburgh

June 25 - Leicester Square Theatre, London
June 27 - Victoria Theatre, Halifax
June 28 - Wardrobe Theatre, Bristol
July 2, July 9 - Leicester Square Theatre, London
July 5 - The Lord Nelson, Norton Sub Hamden, Somerset
July 13 - Chapter Arts, Cardiff Comedy Festival
July 14 - Sheffield, New Barrack Tavern 2pm
July 17 - Bristol Comedy Box at the Hen & Chickens
July 18 - Larmer Tree Festival, Salisbury
July 20 - Bedford Fringe
July 21 - Derby Funhouse 3.25pm
+ Mimetic Festival, Enfield 8.30pm
July 22 - Clowns Pocket, Neath
July 26 - Lass O'Gowrie, Manchester
July 31 - Aug 25 - Gilded Balloon, 10.15pm, Edinburgh Fringe

(*And so am I. And so is he.)

UPDATE Mon Jun 17: Have written and recorded a song for the Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre since coming back from a school today. It gets tried out first in London, live. If it doesn't work live, it becomes part of the audience-in music. (Would have made it into a YouTube vid, but am stung by recent review of Socks In Space in Warwick that complained that so much of the new show was already up there. So from now on, all under wraps until you come see the show.)

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