Sunday 9 June 2013

"will have you literally laughing your socks off"- ★★★★ review for Warwick Arts

Yes, putting aside the "literally" laughing your Socks off bit, which it's hard to ignore once you've noticed it, this is a lovely review of the Socks at Warwick Arts on Saturday night.

Socks in Space, The Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre – Warwick Arts Centre, Coventry

Writer: Kev F. Sutherland

Reviewer: Nicole Evans

The Public Reviews Rating: ★★★★☆

Socks in Space Scottish Falsetto Sock Theatre Warwick Arts CentreThe Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre first entered the comedy scene in 2005 and has been gradually gaining popularity since. Being a Fringe Festival favourite and a massive hit on YouTube, it came as no surprise to hear that Warwick Arts Centre had to open up extra seating for the Sock’s performance there this evening.

The new show Socks in Space is a 90 minute mixture of some classic sock material and a new set of sci-fi orientated sketches, billed as being appropriate for all of the family. Well known for adult natured humour, the idea that the Sock’s are touring with a family friendly show might be a difficult one for existing fans to get their head around. Don’t worry though, the toned down show may well appeal to the younger members of the audience (even my younger than guidance age son giggled his way through),but the act is still far from a children’s puppet show and retains the charms of its adult counterpart…albeit with the removal of the “sweary words”. Parental guidance is definitely advised if you are considering ignoring the age suitability.

The first part of the show combines some classic sketches that anybody that has seen the Socks previously will be familiar with, with some occasionally genius ad lib. With material ranging from Halloween and horror films to musicals, the Socks hilariously joke their way through, arguing with each other and the audience along the way. The timing and personality (who knew socks were capable of facial expressions?) of the puppetry is sheer brilliance, and even when it’s less than perfect, Kev F. Sutherland has the ability to turn it around and make seamless jokes from his mistakes. The second part is a little more scripted and featured the new aspect of the show. Sadly this brought the only let down of the evening. Although still very funny, it was a bit of a disappointment to discover the new material is mostly sketches already available online (and toned down for children), and therefore doesn’t feel very new to any fans watching.

Minor disappointment aside, The Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre is certainly an act worth going to see. Sutherland’s material would be funny without puppets but his skills with woolly hosiery are pure genius and will have you literally laughing your socks off.

Reviewed on 8th June.

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