Sunday, 26 October 2014

Twitter diary - what I did on my workadays

I've been so busy in recent weeks I've not written anything in my blog, apart from reporting the various bits of work that I've done that have kept me too busy to write a blog. Maybe my tweets hold some clues.

Oct 11   Me at work. Today.

Oct 21  Caught out by Yorkshire accent. Was introduced to teacher and spent all morning calling her Miss Kerr. She's Miss Coe.

Oct 13  Booked a flight for £47 on Friday. Something went wrong with booking, had to do it again. This time only cost £39! Nice one Ryanair

Oct 12 My colleague Bananaman artist who I just met for the first time!

And fellow scribe who's teaching comics at the MShed in Bristol now!
Oct 19  "You mean the iodine deficiency?" Tonight's brought to you by an episode of The Archers from 1957.

I swear I just heard the words [citation needed] in a bit of dialogue.

Oct 8 So where have I been teaching today..?

Anybody heard of tyre slashing in Clevedon? I have a mysterious flat this morning (which has buggered up my 6am drive to Hertford for work)

Oct 22  I'm not mad am I? That "Rene Zellwegger" photo is very clearly a totally different person. Nothing to do with surgery. Chin, hairline?

Oct 10  Satirists think they're going to change things just cos they "hold a mirror up to the world". Well, you know who else holds a mirror up to the world? Clothes shops. What's that change? Nothing. And they even have Changing Rooms. I don't remember Hitler coming out of Hugo Boss going "I just saw myself in the mirror. What a c-"

Here we are in the Lakes, preparing for tomorrow's art classes. Which have, er, sold out. *humblebrag*

Thanks to this week's Top of the Pops & Cats UK I've now learned about the man who's written more UK Eurovision entries than any other. 22 attempts, 4 finalists. All preeeeettty awful.

Oct 24  Listened to Tony Blackburn's Pick Of The Pops today. Thought every 1972 track was excellent (except maybe the No1) and that almost all of 1987 was poor (with a few exceptions). Question is why? Is it because the influential age I was in 1972, so this is what I learned music to be and anything that didn't match that template was lesser? Or was I just the right age at a musically outstanding time. Any theories? Here's the 1972 chart: and the 1987 chart:

What do you think of that news? Rubbish. Eric Morecambe statue vandalised

Oct 3  Happiness is: colouring comic strips while listening to a whole week's Ken Bruce's Popmasters on

Oct 18 From my classes at Kendal Library @ The Lakes International Comic Art Festival, comments from some happy punters.

Sept 29  Forward Planning Award goes to a school in Halesowen which has just booked my return visit for July 2015. How to avoid disappointment!

Sept 16 Today I have written a 4 page comic strip - based on a Bible story! (I know), and scripted and had approved a comic strip birthday card for a client, and designed characters for the ads for a magician. I've been a proper artist-for-hire today, it's cracking. All going well, that's five big full grown-up pages of comics to try and draw by the weekend, and 16 little character drawings. I still got it. (And last week I wrote Dennis The Menace's Christmas episode. You're right, you should be jealous )

Just found some Peter Capaldi Doctor Who sample drawings I did last year & never finished. Enjoy.

Hmm. No, I clearly have had no thought worth expressing for a whole month. As you were.

Kev F Sutherland, as well as writing and drawing Pansy Potter, Bananaman, Biffo The Bear et al in The Beano, runs Comic Art Masterclasses in schools, libraries and art centres - email for details, and follow him on Facebook and Twitter. He's been writing and drawing comics for 25 years, he must know something. 

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