Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Boom Chicken Soup - new comics by kids

Here are the front covers of comics produced by three groups of Year 5s at Colmore Juniors in Kings Heath, who've been kind enough to have me back a few times over the years, as well as the pupils of all ages who attended my two classes at Dorchester On Thames' festival at the weekend. Sterling stuff.

You're right, that's a higher proportion of ninjas-per-half-dozen comics than is strictly necessary. There's often a bit of suggestibility that goes on when I show them the comics by other recent groups.  Oh, and here are some of the caricatures of just a few of their faces as well.

The celebrities they chose for the "treads on a worm" (or in one case treads on a snail) demo strip were Tom Jones, Benedict Cumberbatch, Ant McPartlin, Robert Downey Jr and Lionel Messi.

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