Thursday, 28 May 2015

Fools and Bairns Shouldnae See Half Finished Work

In the last few years with my Comic Art Masterclasses, I've got into the regular habit of uploading the covers of the comics I've produced with my pupils and putting them here in my blog. For the last couple of years I've even taken to adding colour to these comics to make them look even better (the schools appreciate that little bit of after care, and I find it very satisfying too). So having spent four days last week in Lincoln doing classes you'd think I'd have lots to show you. And I do. But not quite yet.

(I've no idea why this has slurped into the blog upside down. Hopefully I'll get more time later and find a way of turning it round)

Because you see last week's classes were all very special. Organised by a company called Art Reach, these comics were all part of the Freedom Prokect, to produce a comic which we'll actually be printing up and publishing, to coincide with the 800th Anniversary of Magna Carta, a copy of which will be going on show in Lincoln Cathedral. So I'm taking all the comics we produced and adding full colour, and then selecting the best of the pupils comic strips and making them into a finished 8 page magazine.

So bear with if you will. The fruits of my labours in three primary schools (including St Hughs, flipchart above), a high school, and two youth clubs, will be appearing soon. I'm typing this from my hotel room in Aberdeen where, after a day of classes as part of the May Festival, I should be spending my evening compositing and colouring Lincoln creations, before setting off to Sunderland where I'll be doing classes as part of the Wonderlands graphic novel expo. In the meantime, here's a picture of the windmill I stayed in in Lincoln. Enjoy.

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