Sunday, 31 May 2015

Magna Carta - work in progress

This mega Magna Carta comic that I'm working on has had to be done whenever and wherever time has allowed. Having done a week in schools in Lincoln assembling the material, as part of my regular comic art masterclasses there, I've then had to string them together with a linking strip and assemble the pages. Meanwhile I've had 2 days in Brighton with the Socks, followed by a Sunday late afternoon caricaturing at a wedding in Snowdonia, then Tuesday I did classes at G Live in Guildford, Wednesday I flew to Edinburgh then drove to Aberdeen (I know there are direct flights, you don't need to keep reminding me! It was a rescheduled easyjet fli - never mind), then a day of classes in Aberdeen on Thursday, after which I thought I'd get some artwork done but instead found myself having an impromptu meal with Mike and Marie (he runs Asylum comics, it was a chance meeting), then Friday I had to drive all the way to Hartlepool where I've been staying for two nights in order to do classes at the comic expo in Sunderland (I know they're 45 minutes apart, it was another long story resulting from the Premier Inn in Sunderland not being finished in time). Here, have another page.

So it was that, after doing a Comic Art Masterclass at the Wonderlands expo in Sunderland, I drove back to Hartlepool and spent Saturday afternoon and early evening finally getting this artwork assembly finished. Of course the client has to approve it and then I need to colour the whole lot. But how long can that take? Oh god.

Stay tuned for more updates. The deadline for completing the art is this Friday, and all that stands in my way is four days in a primary school in Bradford, added to which I have classes on two evening in Ripon and Bradford, and the drive home afterwards. Oh and Friday I'm at a school in Croydon. Yes, I know.

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