Monday, 15 June 2015

Beat these Sock-crime puns & a Beano artist will draw them

Press Release: Comedy - for publication

Minging Detectives -
Record number of criminal puns from Sock Puppets

Comedy show wants your puns - best ones get drawn by Beano artist

From Cagney and Lace-Ups to The Usual Sockspects, from Pump Fiction to The Pong Good Friday, comedy double act the Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre have come up with a criminal selection of puns to launch their new Edinburgh Fringe show, all illustrated by a star artist from The Beano. And they're looking for more!

The Socks' new show, Minging Detectives, is an hour of songs, sketches and satire on the subject of crime. They spoof everything from Inspector Morse to Breaking Bad from Z Cars to The Killing, and to promote it they've drawn cartoon parodies of the posters for 28 TV and movie crime thrillers - one for every night of their Edinburgh Fringe run.

And they'd like your suggestions for more. If you can think of a crime-meets-footwear pun that's better than The Unwashables, Strangers On A Trainer, Brighton Socks or Better Call Sole, then tweet them @falsettosocks and the best suggestions will get drawn by the Socks' performer (and Beano comic artist) Kev F Sutherland and retweeted througout the show's run.

Show title: Scottish Falsetto Socks: Minging Detectives
Act: Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre
Venue: Gilded Balloon, Teviot, Bristo Square Edinburgh EH8 9AJ
Dates: 5 - 30 August
Time: 10.30pm (1 hr)

Press contact: Kev F Sutherland 07931 810858

Hi res copies of any or all of these images will be emailed on request.

10 latest titles - higher resolution

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