Thursday, 2 July 2015

Adventures of Kim Jong Un - new comics by kids

A busy few weeks of Comic Art Masterclass continues, with more secondary schools having me in. Here we see the work of year 9s and 10s, the two hardest groups I find to work with, primarily because they are nigh on impossible to make laugh. The work they produce is often fabulous, with a couple of artists this week genuinely being better than me (certainly when I was their age). Though at the other end of the scale, when they choose to be unproductive, some year 9s and 10s can be dozier than any other pupil you'll come across.

These two examples are the result of day-long classes with one group, as opposed to my usual classes which are just a morning or afternoon long. These longer sessions are a lovely opportunity to answer more of their questions, help them with their artwork on a one-to-one basis and give the better artists a chance to complete work to a standard they'll be happy with. I particularly like getting the time to tackle examples of how to tell different stories on the flipchart, as we see here:

This was in response to the question of how to draw The Hulk turning into The Hulk. I've imagined a story where Bruce Banner is behind the wheel of a car in a traffic jam getting road rage. He winds up wearing a Volkswagen Beetle like a pair of pants, which I thought was quite nifty.

And there it is. Year 8s, and would you believe lovely year 7s even, being as unoriginal as they can be in coming up with names from Vines for their comics. The number of times the names "Jeff",  "Deez Nuts" and "21" (?) come up among this age group is tiresome. Kids eh? In my day we'd have no doubt been quoting lines from The Goodies or The Young Ones, to equal adult-baffling effect.

The celebs they chose to tread on a worm were Kim Kardashian (twice), Simon Cowell, Nicki Minaj, Jeremy Kyle, and Nicolas Cage. This week has seen me travel to Walsall, Southampton, Eastleigh and Halesowen, with further travels to come. Five days a week in schools, with Socks gigs on top. And did I mention it's the hottest days of the year so far. Sticky sticky joy joy.

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