Monday, 20 July 2015

Busy few weeks, blog round up

There's been a lot of this going on lately, posing cheesily in front of flipcharts while I'm doing my Comic Art Masterclasses. June and July alone have seen me do a whopping 29 days of classes from Darlington (above) to Bradford (for 4 days), Ripon, Croydon, Bethnal Green, Backwell, Swindon, Devon, Taunton, Romsey, Hounsdown, Halesowen, Walsall, Southampton, Chandlers Ford, Burton Upon Trent, Crawley, Barnet, Barking (for 4 more days), Muswell Hill, North Kensington, Crystal Palace, with Woking still to come. And now that term's over, there's fun in some shopping centres to look forward to. And if that wasn't enough, there's also been a bit of this...

A couple of backstage selfies by the Socks, doing a Minging Detectives preview in the back yard of the New Barrack Tavern in Sheffield. The previews have been fewer than last year, but I think all the better for it because I've had time in between shows to make genuine improvements and prepare them properly. Friday's sellout at Leeds Carriageworks and Sunday in Sheffield saw the first appearance of the "Barbara Dixon joke" and the new finale song, which I'm delighted to say works. In fact the only thing that's not great is Coppers Cabana which might get the chop. Everything else is coming together nicely, with room for expansion and some ideas still in development, including the Improv sequence which we tried for the first time in Sheffield. I'm sure these notes will mean something to me in years to come. As will these random tweets.

Don't know where this is from, but if that's not a Scottish Falsetto Sock, I don't know what is

This is what you call good #Edfringe planning. Everybody, do what Lucy's done

This is how bad the TV picture is in the Hampstead Britannia hotel. Welcome to the 90s.

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