Friday, 17 July 2015

Vladimir Putin Riding On A Dinosaur - new comics by kids

A busy time working with pupils, mostly in secondary schools cos it's that time of year (exams finished, they're all wondering why they're still at school), and the years 7, 8, 9 and occasional 10s have been coming up with some corking comics. These (above) are from Burton on Trent and Halesowen.

These two come from possibly the poshest school this term, Cottesmore in Crawley, which occupies a beautiful neo Gothic Victorian mansion and whose pupils aren't year 6 and year 7, they're the Third Form and the Fourth Form. "BKWHHF" stands for their school motto.

And at the more urban end of the educational rainbow, Copthall school in Barnet came up with a couple of titles that are as typically teenaged as they are streetwise. These six groups, when asked to name a celebrity to tread on a worm, chose Jackie Chan (twice), Beyonce (twice), Ronaldo, and Simon Cowell.

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