Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Big Bad Bacon Squad - kids comics from World Book Week (part 1)

World Book Day took place on March 3rd this year, and is by far and away the potentially busiest day of my Comic Art Masterclass year, or would be if there was some way of franchising myself out, or perhaps cloning myself so I could do classes in two places at once. Had I been able to accede to every request that came my way I would have been appearing in around two dozen different schools and libraries on that day. As it was, Darlington Library got their bid in nearly a year ago and bagsied me. However the rest of the week, and the surrounding weeks too, were almost as popular. And so it was that I found myself working 6 days a week, three weeks in a row. These comics (above) are from All Saints Juniors in Reading. As are...

... these. Working with all the year 3s, 4s, 5s and 6s across two days, I also managed to do an assembly for the infants and a talk to the parents too. The good pupils of Reading certainly got the best of my attention and, of course, produced some sterling work.

As did the pupils from a few different primary schools who were brought together for a pair of classes at Darlington Library. Yes, Darlington is quite a long drive, now you ask, but worth every mile to end up with an Angry Donald Trump On The Loo. Added to this journey, I then drove to Hull to compere a Sitcom Trials in the evening, after which I drove down to the halfway point of Leicester for a brief overnight sleep, after which it was back to Reading for Day Two. Yes, I do work out this schedule myself.

And as a bonus we have here a selection of kids faces, caricatured by me as per usual, with the extra added spin of them being dressed up in their World Book Day fancy dress. Also Cruns, a comic produced by the girls of St Marys Ascot, to whom I gave a Saturday morning class while also presenting a piece of my original art to the winner of a Bible Society writing competition. And wait for it, there are more World Book Week comics still to come.

The celebrities these various groups chose to Tread On A Worm were: Justin Bieber (twice), The Queen, Elvis Presley, Donald Trump, Adele and Kim Kardashian.

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