Monday, 28 March 2016

Your First/Best/Worst Batman/Superman/Doctor Who etc?

A lot of people don't like Batman v Superman, that's pretty clear. And one thing that comes up in a lot of comments are comparisons. Ben Affleck's Batman is compared favourably with his predecessors, while Zack Snyder's direction is compared favou.. no, no it isn't. And that made me think, who was my first, and was it my favourite? I've gone through the list thinking of my First, Best & Worst, cos it's a Bank Holiday and I don't have to get on with my work if I don't have to. You might care to offer yours so we can compare.

First? Adam West (saw the TV show before I'd ever seen the comic)
Best? Neal Adams & Dennis O'Neill (early 70s comic strips, defines the image of the character for me. Though Frank Miller's stories have lasted better, his designs less so)
Worst? Christian Bale. I know the films are well told, but I find the over-self-seriousness too much. you've got pointy ears and you wear your pants outside your trousers, you're not Dostoevsky.

First? Superman v Spider-Man (1976 team-up comic. I was a Marvel reader so this was the first DC comic I'd ever bought. Found the Superman characters less interesting than the Marvel ones)
Best? Christopher Reeve (especially in Superman 2 which I spent 1981 raving about)
Worst? Every film since Superman 3, and every comic since that Alan Moore one 30 years ago. Turns out I don't find Superman very interesting.

First? Steve Ditko & Stan Lee, reprinted in Pow comic.
Best? Gil Kane, my favourite Spidey artist, from the 70s.
Worst? Todd McFarlane. Style over basic figure-drawing ability.

First? Jon Pertwee
Best? David Tennant
Worst? Every fan video I've ever seen where the writer/director/star plays the Doctor. (Except for that Hillywood Show one, that's brilliant)

First? Roger Moore (Man With The Golden Gun, for Frazer Newell's birthday party)
Best? Tom Hiddleston in The Night Manager (way better than any Bond I've seen)
Worst? Woody Allen in Casino Royale

First? Tom Baker, on the telly in 1979
Best? Benedict Cumberbatch
Worst? I've only read a few of the Conan Doyle short stories and thought they were a bit meh.

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