Friday, 25 September 2009

Films Are Dead Good

New from the Socks, a song called Films Are Dead Good. Well, I say new. This was, in fact, the very first thing I wrote for The SFSPT Goes To Hollywood a year ago, and we recorded a couple of stabs at it, neither of them seemed performable. So, rather than the audience coming in to this track before every show in Edinburgh this August, it's mouldered unlistened and unloved in the iTunes file for nigh on 12 months. Digging it out for the Socks to perform, it doesn't sound that bad. In case you can't follow the words (the song's big problem), they're annotated on the YouTube clip and listed below. Enjoy.

Cecil B B B De Mille and
Laurel Hardy Buster Keaton
Harold Lloyd and Sennet Mack and
Keystone Cops and no-one black

Lillian Gish, Al Jolson’s Mammy
Charlie Chaplin, Goldwyn Sammy
Potempkin and Caligari
Valentino, didn’t marry

Edison, Arbuckle Fatty
Randolph Hearst, granddad of Patty
Napoleon part 1 and part 2
Griffiths Birth and Nosferatu

Douglas Fairbanks, Clara Bow
And Eisentein, Erich von Stro-
Heim, the It Girl Swanson Gloria
Nickelodeon, the Astoria

Lumiere the Melies brothers
MGM and all the others

Films are not round, but somehow you can roll ‘em
Got to go to the pictures, so we can extoll them
Films are dead good and they’re always repeated
Except the ones made on nitrate stock, they’ve disintegrated

Paramount and RKO
Frankenstein Marilyn Monroe
Disney Singing In The Rain
The 7 Dwarves Citizen Kane

Orson Welles & Errol Flynn
Gene Kelly & Gone With The Wind
Spencer Tracy The Jazz Singer
Fred Astaire and Rogers Ginger

King Kong & Count Alucard
Film noir Sunset Boulevard
Jimmy Stewart, he was super
Cary Grant and Gary Cooper

Jimmy Dean and Marlon Brando
Jimmy Cagney Greta Garbo
Ford and Wayne and all the westerns
Hepburn Davis Charlton Heston

Vertigo and North by North West
Psycho Rear Window and the rest

Films are the best, come in iMax and Dolby
Got to turn it up louder, the projectionist told me
Films are fantastic whether black and white or colour
If you burn a small hole in them, then they might get duller

Connery James Bond Carry On
Hammer Horror
Blaxploitation Peeping Tom
The Sound Of Music Krakatoa

Mary Poppins Michael Caine and Dustin Hoffman Francois Truffaut
Lawrence of Arabia The Graduate
& Mr Hulot

Great Escape La Dolce Vi-talian Job
Butch Cassidy
A Hard Days Night and Kurosawa
Jean Luc Godard Flower power

Planet Of Bonnie and Clyde
The Seventh Seal and Samurai
2001 Ray Harryhausen
Adam West & Barbra Streisand

Jules & Jim and Charles and Di
I’m Spartacus and so am I

Films are superb they come in cinerama
They come in 3D and smellovision, and they do not harm ya
Films are the best, although some are quite rubbish
Some are in a foreign language, so they get a bit dubbish

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