Tuesday, 8 September 2009

New Socks comic, sounds likely

It was this time last year that I started producing the first Socks Comic, and it's proven popular. I mean it's only sold coming up to 200 copies, which is hardly a publishing empire in the making, but it's got 100% positive feedback, and whenever people get a chance, they buy it.

There's been a lot of talk about publishing and selling a Socks Christmas Card this year, so maybe I should just go the whole hog and produce a second Socks comic book. There's certainly the material waiting to be adapted.

2008's Socks comic (or should I call it the 2009 Socks Annual?) contained strip adaptations of our sketches Halloween, Torchwool, Deforestation, Primeval, Life On Mars and Romeo & Juliet. And looking at the set list from SFSPT Goes To Hollywood I can see that we have, waiting to be adapted:

James Bond
Star Wars
Word Association
Facebook Song
Racing/Parliament/Love Story

On top of which I have "Space Journey" which is a Socks strip that I wrote purely as a comic strip 2 years ago, and have neither performed nor published anywhere. I've drawn it in a simple newspaper strip style, but I think that's definitely getting drawn up in full comic style for the new book.

And then there's 12 Days Of Christmas. We performed that every night from Nov 30 to Jan 6th in Edinburgh last year and it would make either a cracking chapter in the comic, or even a stand-alone Christmas card.

If I can get the buyers (and you know I think I can) one or other or both of these projects seems like a goer. I've been bursting to draw comics again, and the Christmas card I'm currently drawing for a client has got my scribbler's head back into gear.

So, the second annual Socks Annual is very nearly underway. Do I have any takers out there?


totalfruitcake said...

Yes, Kev, you definitely have a taker here ......... I told everyone about the show at The Fringe and something like this would be a great 'taster' for people....

.... and come to Manchester (or failing that somewhere very near) so I can drag them all along to see The Socks!

Seren Wade x

Ian Robinson said...

Yeah, you'd get a taker from me.

(And also a venue vaguely near Manchester, if you fancy...)

Kevin_C said...

Socks Comic or annual... Yes please! Oh yes, yes please!

A Socks Christmas Annual would be a great stocking filler (sorry) for some of my friends who have seen the Socks on YouTube.

Thanks - and my regards to the little chaps!


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