Friday, 25 September 2009

Great unfinished graphic novel?

Most novelists (writers of comics without pictures) start as amateurs, and most first novels (and many subsequent ones) are written on spec, for no money up front, and nurtured over many years. I know half a dozen people with a novel on the go which may never see publication.

Does anyone treat comics that way? That is to say is anyone sitting on a partly-finished masterpiece, which they're honing and refining, adding to and editing, with the feeling that one day it'll get published then the world will realise what they've been missing?

(I have two half finished comics in just that state, only short things, but rattled off when my Beano work dried up and waiting to see print. I keep meaning to do 50 copies at Ka-Blam in time for the next comic show, then always remember too late. I rattled off a 64 page Socks comic cos I knew I could sell out a print run to fans, but working on spec I find hard to do.)

Anyone sitting on the great unfinished graphic novel out there?

Kev F

PS: Here's a fun item, courtesy of James Parker, producer of the new season of The Sitcom Trials. He's taken all the sweary words from all the scripts entered in this year's Trials and expressed them as a graph:

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