Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Comics class kids meet The new Dandy

The new look Dandy came out today and I had the opportunity to show the first issue to the pupils in my Comic Art Masterclasses at Gosport Discovery Centre. Both groups were mixed ages, from 7 to adult, and I'm delighted to report that, firstly, I think the new Dandy is brilliant. It's all comic strip, and all the comic strips are god. It reminds me, more of anything, of Oink, the comic in which I began my career and which is fondly remembered by anyone who ever read it.

The kids, too, seemed impressed, and certainly Harry Hill as a cover star is a marvellous choice. Peppering the comic with other familiar TV faces, Cheryl Cole & Simon Cowell in particular, hits the target market's taste buds square on too.

To celebrate the launch day, I drew some of the characters on the flip chart, the kids responding well to the choices and my doodles:

The Dandy theme continued in the comics the groups produced in the classes. I drew Harry Hill on the front cover of the morning's comic, and in the afternoon group one enterprising artist created Harry Hill Gets Fit, a drawing and strip based on the Dandy designs:

I look forward to reporting back on the response to the Dandy from the chalkface over the coming weeks.

Kev F's Comic Art Masterclass

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