Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Noel Edmonds comic appearance

Noel Edmonds appears in this week's Dandy. Just wanted to get my tuppence worth in and point out he appeared in the Beano earlier, in...?

... Hot Rod Cow The Movie. Here's the unlettered artwork. My original script refers to the character as Gnome Lemons, but that was changed to the less offensive No Lemons by the editor. There's also an appearance by be, a reference to the very brief stint I did as warm up comedian for Deal or No Deal, and a pic of Jon Ronson who mentioned me unfavourably in his report on a day in the studio, after which I wasn't doing warm up any more (unrelated, I'm sure).

This was part of a three week story that ran in the Beano in 2007.

Kev F Comic Art

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