Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Harry Hill's Dandy memories

Seeing the cover of the brand new Dandy comic, starring Harry Hill, about which I'm very excited and look forward to buying tomorrow, has reminded me of a comic from my own past. Here's Harry...

...and here's my own effort in the market, back in the day, back in the very very long ago day, a comic called UT. I know. Crazy name, crazy comic. It was an attempt to do a popular parody comic, pastiching popular TV shows & films. Like Mad magazine but funny, that was our pitch. The first issue looked like this:

We led with a parody of Inspector Morse (which gives you an idea how long ago this was, the earlier dummy had featured Twin Peaks) and subsequent parodies had Dennis The Menace in Nighmare On Elm Street 3D, Bread meets Alien 3, Saddam Hussein in The Addams Family, Dead Again, Cape Fear - it was 1991, you had to be there. Sadly, after a year, our brave attempt to shake up the humour market had flopped, but I still have fond memories of it.

It was seeing The Dandy filling its cover with comic versions of TV faces (Simon Cowell, Jeremy Clarkson & Noel Edmonds as well as Harry Hill) that reminded me. If UT were still going, that's who we'd have featured.

UT's Wikipedia page
Kev F's Comic Art Masterclasses

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