Saturday, 30 April 2011

Day of the Moon notes

Maybe it was the sunny weather or the having been on holiday for two days, but I was much better disposed to this week's episode (of Doctor Who, Day Of The Moon) and I loved it.

Okay, I have already seen writing on the wall (Blink)
And I've seen aliens who sleep on the ceiling (School Reunion)
and aliens who dangle from the ceiling to scare Amy (Eleventh Hour)
And people being gay (Doctor Who. Oh and life.)

But I just chilled, stopped playing spot-the-things-you've-seen-before and enjoy it.

The pre-credits sequence was fantastic. When I say "that's more like it" as the opening titles roll, that's praise indeed. (Although, though I did say that at the start of A Time Of Angels and The Pandorica Opens, I also said it at the start of Victory Of The Daleks).

The "how you get rid of The Silence" resolution was confusing and open ended. So everyone since 1969 has had the subliminal message that they should turn round and fights the Silence, so they do, and the Silence went and we don't remember it? But we've learnt that the recordings of The Silence will fade over time, so that subliminal message will have faded by 1970 surely and the Silence will still be everywhere.

And we still don't know where they come from. Or what's so bad about them, apart from making one woman blow up in a toilet in 1969. Or what happened to the Doctor's other Tardis at the beginning of last week's episode (two Doctors turn up, only one Dr leaves, ergo there's a spare Tardis in the desert somewhere).

And those are only the questions that are unresolved from last week. As for who this little regenerating girl is, and just how pregnant Amy is, etc etc - and you know, I don't care. That is to say, I'm enjoying it, and I feel secure in Moffat's hands, knowing he will eventually answer the questions.

And I liked the humour this week, Nixon taping everything on the Doctor's advice (ooh but I do wish somebody hadn't spoilered the "say hello to David Frost" line for me), and I was up to speed with the fast pace of the show. I know that's how it's going to be with Moff episodes, and you have to watch them over again (I'd just finished watching Impossible Astronaut for the third time before Day Of The Moon started, and I watched The Dr Dances a couple of days ago, so I was well prepped).

All good fun and I look forward to watching it again very soon.

Best thing on the telly (mind you, that Torchwood trailer's already got me excited. Game on)

Kev F

1 comment:

Steev said...

Well that's a bit of a turnabout from your opinion of last week!

Cracking episode - again!.

You just needed to calm down, dear ....

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