Sunday, 3 April 2011

Prince William comic strip

With the forthcoming Royal wedding in mind, I've had a look back in the archives and found a strip of mine I'd almost forgotten about. Prince William - He's Second In Line To The Throne ran between 1991 and 1993 in UT, Zit and Gag comics, long before the events of 1997 which make a lot of the stuff in the stories look even less tasteful than they did at the time. Click to see the strips in full.

I think my storytelling's moved on since 1993, and those cluttered panels with multiple voice bubbles (a necessity given the length of story I was trying to tell and the very few pages I had to condense them into) are hard to read. But I love the characters of William, Charles, Harry & Di and find them genuinely funny. Who could have thought they'd have grown up like they did. If ever I could find the money to produce more stories, a graphic novel of the Further Adventures of Prince William would be fun to produce. I hope you enjoy it.

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