Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Notes from a traveller

Do you know what I miss? Active Hotels. It's the website I use to book all my hotels on my extensive travels. And one of their best features was that , as well as good prices often with discounts, they asked you to give feedback. I'm not saying I was suddenly Jay Rayner & Giles Coren , but writing tweet length movie reviews is fun.

Then this last week, when I've been in lots of hotels, their system suddenly changed. Now when they send the email asking for a review and I click the link, it goes nowhere. So I assume the need for my Active Hotels reviews has evaporated. Such a shame. Because I so wanted to sing the praises of the Lawlor Hotel in Dungarvan, where I'm currently typing, mention the cleanliness of a hotel in Edinburgh, analyse the simplicity of Cabinn hotels in Denmark, and celebrate the strangeness of the beeping doors and 4am breakfast of my hotel in Stansted.

But. If Active Hotels wants to go and cease to exist and let it's new ID booking.com run a non-interactive site then we'll all be that bit worse off. Oh I'm waffling

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