Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Dr Who Impossible Astronaut more thoughts...

More idle thoughts about Doctor Who The Impossible Astronaut (before I get on with some proper work)

Amy, Rory, River, Canton and The Doctor are all sent invites at the start of the programme. But invites to where exactly?

Are they invited to an open stretch of road, beside a Red Edsel, in the middle of the desert, or are they invited to a nearby diner, which we can't see in the establishing (very) wide shots?

The Doctor (age 903) is invited to the diner, but the others are invited to the roadside (where the Doctor age 1108) is waiting. And Canton is invited to turn up beside the lake.

And do we really believe that, after 200 years, the Doctor is wearing exactly the same striped shirt and bowtie? He's changed his shirt and tie between almost every story before now (well, between every shooting block).

And where's his other Tardis? The Doctor who's sat on the Edsel then gets shot and burned (and how well is that supposed to dispose of Time Lord DNA by the way?) obviously arrived in one Tardis, parked somewhere within driving distance of the desert (if that's the Doctor's Edsel). And the younger Doctor, who emerges from the loo with a straw in his gob, clearly arrived in another Tardis, which they then take off in. So, somewhere in the Utah desert, there's a spare Tardis. Did they think to get the key out of his pocket before they burnt him? Or his sonic screwdriver, which River would have known how to use to locate his Tardis, into which she could have loaded him them flown him into the heart of a supernova which would, surely, have been better than burning him and leaving his remains to be found floating in a lake.

Companion, eh? Do they think nothing through?

Kev F

Oh, it's okay. I found that other Tardis. It was hiding.

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