Sunday, 22 May 2011

Dr Who The Rebel Flesh, some thoughts

Doctor Who The Rebel Flash was enjoyable but full of questions ...

When Miranda gets melty-faced why does she suddenly speak in cliches? "Strike at will"? Please.

Why does Rory give melty girl a lecture about not wandering off then, the very next scene, wander off?

Why do so many stories have the Doctor having to climb up a tall spire to reach a 'thing'? It is always crap. Evolution of the Daleks? Vampires Of Venice? Logopolis? 42?

Why oh why did they do the head on a long snakey neck? That looked risible, worse than the monster in The Lazarus Experiment. Plus, if the Gangers can do stuff like that, isn't it anticlimactic when they don't?

Why are so many of these stories set in churches? We've seen enough churches.

How many Crewman Expendables do we need? If more than one of them had been given a "character" scene, like melty girl gets with the photo of her as a kid, we'd at least care when they die. Where's RTD when you need him?

Who didn't see the duplicate Doctor coming?

And finally...

Do Matthew Graham and Steven Moffat think none of us has seen Moon?

Enjoying it though, it's good fun. And I've had no spoilers so I don't know whether the gloop is going to turn out to be Autons, Sontarans, both or neither, and I don't know whether Rory or Amy or both is going to turn out to be a Ganger (though my money's on Rory, because an episode without him dying just doesn't seem South Park-y enough for this series).

Kev F

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