Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Trying to move my Socks (bloody Facebook)

For some reason I have yet to fathom, Facebook wants you to move your "groups" so you have to start a new "group" that seems to be identical to your original group, save that you've left all your original members behind so they have to rejoin. I've just done this with my Comic Art Masterclasses. Before / after.

It seems to have another flaw in that you can't send a message instantly to all members of the group, which was its most useful function before (or am I missing something on the new group that lets me do that?)

See, here's the old page with its prominent photo in the top corner, and a Message All Members button at the top of the things to do:

Then here's the new version, which only gives you a small photo, and seems to have no option for messaging all members + keeps your own Facebook info hogging space up the left hand side:

Now I'm trying to move the Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre's Appreciation Society, which was actually started for me by a Socks fan, and currently has 1127 members already. It's been very useful for telling people about forthcoming gigs, events, publications etc, so I want to keep something like that going.

But I've noticed that, in moving the Comic Art Masterclass group, I haven't been able to give it a personalised url, you know like: or and I want one of that.

So I've been trying to set up a new page, which is immensely slow and frustrating, and won't let me upload a photo. Then when I search for my page (which looks like this) I find another page which looks like mine but seems to have been set up by someone else - it looks like this. This ghost page lists us as a Company rather than a Comedian, and already has 14 likes, whereas mine only has 4. It also has no photo on yet.

Should I give up this "Page" and start another "group", even though you seem to be able to give a named url link to a page and not to a group. Oh groan groan. And I've got work to get on with.

Here, let's take our minds off it with a song written so long ago yet so comparatively recently, from a time when Facebook was clearly a lot simpler and more fun than it's become:

PS: Grrrrrr. I just tried making another photo into the "Profile Photo" for the page, and when I've finished "cropping" it it give me this page:, a page of white, and no profile photo. Grrrrrr.

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