Monday, 30 May 2011

That's me all over

Idly typing my name into Google I keep turning up appearances of me and my work online. When I remember to, I update my Wikipedia page with these references, and link them to the text as "inline citations". Vain as this might be, I don't see anyone else rushing to do it, and it seems the best way to keep a tab on these things. Here are the latest mentions I've found of me and my Comic Art Masterclasses:

An interview and photos on Burgess Hill School For Girls' website

Photos from a school visit back in 2007, Waycroft Primary Bristol

Photo and article on Get Wokingham, covering visit to Rivermead Primary, Reading

"Comic Book Kids", Wakefield Express

"Beano illustrator passes on tips" - Wiltshire Times

"Pupils enjoy comic masterclass" - Malvern Gazette

Dorchester Festival

Capital City Academy

St Brigids Primary, Mayogall, Northern Ireland

Montage of caricatures by me of kids at Bishop Sutton Primary, Bath

St Osmund's Catholic Primary School, and some photos that show me how bad my hair looks from behind

Crackley Hall Junior School

St Peters Primary, Marlborough

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