Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Sinnerhound & Hot Rod Cow now in print

After quite a while in waiting, two of my self-published comics have been been, well, published. Printed by Ka-Pow and available through Indy Planet, my highwaywoman comic Sinnerhound and my space-cow comedy Hot Rod Cow is now available for you to have, hold, read and treasure. Click the ad to see the teaser and buy if you want.

Sinnerhound costs $3.50 (that's just £2.17) and Hot Rod Cow is just $1.99, which is as cheap as a comic can get, ain't it?

Hope you enjoy them. If we ever sell any, you never know, I might do some more.

NB: For my own records, here are the costs (having taken delivery of my first printed batch of comics)

Sinnerhound (24 pages, no ad on back cover), 10 copies ($19.31) + postage ($17.06)
= $36.37 = £22.14. So that's £2.14 per copy. Selling at IndyPlanet for £3.50

Hot Rod Cow (12 pages, ad on back cover), 40 copies ($50.40) + postage (£19.02)
= $69.42 = £42.46. So that's £1.06 per copy. Selling at Indyplanet for $1.99

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