Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Musical Tribute to Louise

Yesterday we heard the sad news (and I apologise to any of our friends who finds the news out by reading this) that our friend from art college Louise Delahay has died. The same age as us she has died tragically young, and we're not as yet entirely sure how (she was on holiday in Israel and, it appears, died two weeks ago, but the news has only just been confirmed to her family). Louise and I shared a student house in Exeter, just the two of us in the thinnest-walled building you've ever seen (intended as a summer house it was rented out as student accommodation) during the coldest winter Exeter had ever seen (or at least it felt that way), at the time that both of us started going out with the people who would become our eventual spouses. Louise was the president of the Student Union and I was her Social Secretary at that same time, and we were very close throughout our student years. Heather & I have kept in touch with Louise over the years, most recently meeting up with her at my gigs and Hev's exhibitions in Exeter, and so this news is both surprising and sad. Our sympathies go to her family and everyone who knew her.

My small way of paying tribute, and indulging myself, last night was to do some Youtoobling, just playing music videos that Lou brought to mind. Some of these were records she used to like, some just reflect my feelings as I played them. I'm sure she'd have appreciated the spirit of this while also loathing my lousy taste in music.

Youtoobling For Lou

Louise, Human League
Say Hello Wave Goodbye, Soft Cell
Life In Tokyo, Japan
My Eyes Adored, You Frankie Valli
Homely Girl, Chi-Lites
Will You, Hazel O'Connor

Pretty In Pink, Psychedelic Furs
Life Isn't Everything, Song For Lou, Elton John
First Of The Gang To Die, Morrisey
You don't know what you've got till it's gone. Joni Mitchell, Big Yellow Taxi
She's Gone, Hall & Oates
Fire & Rain, James Taylor
Over The Rainbow, Judy Garland
Only A Moment Ago, Partridge Family
Long Away, Queen
Goodbye To Love, Carpenters
And finally, cos I know Louise interviewed them in Exeter, The Clash Should I Stay Or Should I Go

Kev F


Kathie said...

Just got a nasty shock on reading about Louise dying in Israel. We became friends in Spain and she visited me in Australia in 2009 but haven't heard anything since mid 2011. Was just googling her name to see what might come up. So terribly sad. Doubt if you'll see this now but if you do, would really appreciate any other info you learned about Louise's death. Kathie

Martin Heider said...

Just want to confirm this, is it Louise Delahaye, the one who loved surfing and painted a lot during her journeys? I met her 2009 (Age about ~50) on the Cook Islands and later she picked me up at Heathrow. Would be a devastating shock for me.

Anonymous said...

I have just bumped into a mutual long lost friend who told me the shocking and extremely sad news about Louise. I cannot believe she is no longer with us and send my sincere condolences to her family. Feel very sad that I am only finding out this awful news so many years after Louise passed away.

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