Sunday, 27 November 2011

There's a rhino in the corner of the room

Nov 24: There's a rhino in the corner of the room, plugged into a mains adaptor... oh no, it's charging! (Fave gag I wrote this week)

I so rarely use this blog to just bring my diary up to date, and yet I so love looking back on past entries to remind me of what the hell I've been up to. And my it's been a busy time.

In the last couple of weeks the domestic scene has been unlivened by a big plus and a big minus. The big plus was that the downstairs neighbours, a notorious couple who've been a thorn in our side for the last couple of years by dint of being the noisiest, most argumentative (between each other, it sounded like an episode of Eastenders turned up to 11) neighbours we've ever had, in the many years we've lived in our otherwise perfect flat. I won't rake over old ground, suffice it to say it is a delight that we'd almost forgotten to be able to sit here in bed of a Sunday morning and not have to listen to hacking cough in the garden, smell and pall of smoke rising up, then have to listen to the sort of domestic row that is the reason we don't watch Crimewatch.

On the minus side, the flat above started leaking again. Back in 2009 our flat was destroyed by a leak from above, causing over £10,000 of damage. That was all put right, we thought. So when Hev, left alone at home while I was away in Ireland for the week, had to contend with bucketloads of water streaming through the light sockets in the suspended ceiling, you can imagine it didn't lead to the calmest time. Hopefully it is all sorted now.

My being away in Ireland is indicative of the amount of travel I've being doing this year, and the reason my personal diary doesn't get attended to as much as it should. I just totted up how many visits I've made to Ireland in 2011. Nine. In all,how many journeys by plane I've made? 23. Well, no, those are all return flights, so in fact I've made 46 flights this year. So far. I apologise globe, that cosy warm sensation you're experiencing is entirely down to me, sorry.

I'm sure it'll calm down next year. After all the Socks 2012 tour only has 14 dates so far. Plus a month in Adelaide performing every night, and the same again in Edinburgh. And I'm sure I won't do over 100 days teaching comics in schools as I've done this year. Surely there wouldn't be enough year for all that. God I've been busy.

Here are some random notes from Twitter, summing up my recent activities and thoughts:

Nov 26: Caricaturing at Bat Mitzvah in Hampstead last night, good fun. 1st since I got into Party Down. So not like this:

Nov 25: New exhibition by Heather Tweed opens Bristol Dec 16. Check it out (& try try try to get an invite to the Private View)

Nov 25: This Socks show in Aberdeen in April 2012 has now out-sold 2 dates from the recent run, in advance. Fit like?

Fabulous. Darth Vader sells Christmas Toys. via @Glinner

The McGurk Effect

Nov 24: There's a rhino in the corner of the room, plugged into a mains adaptor... oh no, it's charging! (Fave gag I wrote this week)

Nov 24: I keep thinking I'm an obscure 70s record label that featured The Moody Blues. I'm living the Deram. (Runner up, less good gag)

To celebrate Doctor Who's anniversary, 50-year old @steven_moffat gets his own Radio Times cover via jonnymorris1973

Nov 23: Amazon email to suggest I would like books by Jason Manford, Miranda Hart, James Corden & Louie Spence. What the hell have I been buying?

Nov 22: Dublin. Feel a little dicky, thought I'd be sick overnight. Wasn't drinking. Cold tap in this hotel makes hot water (so does the hot). Coincidence?

Do you think Mark Thompson of the BBC's fed up of being asked if that's a Movember beard?

Nov 15: Irish train tannoy says "thankyou for travelling by Here Nor There". Given their punctuality, that's about right. #iarnrodeireann

Nov 14: Today in Waterford I ate my first Blaa. Tastes as good as it looks.

Nov 14: Wexford (where I am) is birthplace of Eoin Colfer, Oscar Wilde's mum, The Kennedy's (JFK came in 63), & Father Ted director Declan Lowney.

Nov 14: Tomorrow's school is on Milehouse Road Enniscorthy. The bad news? Milehouse Rd Enniscorthy doesn't bloody exist

Nov 14: Which reminds me, I saw the Occupy Waterford camp yesterday. Yes there is.

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