Sunday, 27 November 2011

Youtoobling, big round-up

I've done a fair bit of Youtoobling in recent weeks (stringing pop vids together, surprising myself with what comes next) as well as joining in with hashtag gags. For posterity, because sometimes posterity can be a little bit too interesting, here's what I've filled the air with...

Nov 11, Party Down Youtoobling

My Struggle, Kyle Party Down #youtoobling (see also Mel Brooks Hitler Rap)

Lizzy Caplan (Casey) Mean Girls Party Down #youtoobling

Ken Marino (Ron) pop stardom Party Down #youtoobling

Roman "I'm into hard sci fi" Party Down #youtoobling

Party Down - Steve Guttenberg's Party, Party Down #youtoobling

Party Party, Elvis Costello Party Down #youtoobling

It's My Party, Dave Stewart & Barbara Gaskin #youtoobling Party Down

Left To My Own Devices (with a party animal) PSB Party Down #youtoobling

Grandma's Party, Paul Nicholas Party Down #youtoobling

Party Like It's 1999 Prince #youtoobling Party Down

Ain't Nothing But A House Party J Geils Band #youtoobling Party Down

Ain't No Party Like an S Club Party Party Down #youtoobling

We're Having A Party, The Osmonds in Cardiff, on a cameraphone #youtoobling Party Down

Fight For The Right To Party (revisited) (oh this is worth watching, fun) #youtoobling Party Down

Fight For Your Right To Party remade by some kids Party Down #youtoobling

Frank Zappa's Jazz Discharge Party Hats, Mike Keneally #youtoobling Party Down

Nov 13, Waterford to War

Waterfall, Stone Roses #youtoobling

Waterfalls, Paul McCartney (wait, where did this video come from?) #youtoobling

Goodnight Tonight, Wings (Now this video I remember from the time) #youtoobling

Goodbyee, Cook & Moore #youtoobling

Goodbyee, Oh What A Lovely War #youtoobling

19 - Paul Hardcastle Armistice Remembrance Poppy #youtoobling

Same Old Song, Weathermen (flipside was Why Should I Fight?) #youtoobling

War (what is it good for?) Bruce Springsteen #youtoobling

Poppy Day, Siouxsie & The Banshees #youtoobling

Between The Wars, Billy Bragg. A Top Of The Pops classic #youtoobling

Nov 24, Inspired by The Cafe (sitcom on Sky, for the benefit of posterity, who might not remember it)

Sad Cafe Everyday Hurts #youtoobling

Brass In Pocket, Pretenders #popcafe #youtoobling

Penguin Cafe Orchestra, Telephone & Rubber Band #cafepop #youtoobling

Street Cafe, Icehouse #youtoobling

Unfinished Sympathy, Massive Attack #youtoobling

Bittersweet Symphony, The Verve #youtoobling

You Can't Always Get What You Want, Rolling Stones #youtoobling

I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For, U2 #youtoobling

I Still Can't Accept What A Nob I Am, U2 & The Chasers #youtoobling

You're Beautiful (literal version) #youtoobling

Weird Al The Streets Have No Name, U2 #youtoobling

Get Up & Go, The Rutles #youtoobling

Get Low Mary Poppins, Chim Chimineree Mofo #youtoobling

Greatest Day, Take That #youtoobling

Breakfast At Tiffanys, Deep Blue Something #youtoobling

Living For The Weekend, Hard Fi #youtoobling

PS: Demographics of the above Youtoobling selections:
1960s - 3 vids
1970s - 6 vids
1980s - 15 vids
1990s - 5 vids
2000s - 13 vids

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