Friday, 16 March 2012

Adelaide to Bedford & all points inbetween

As the month in Adelaide draws to a close, thoughts have to turn to home and the gigs that lie ahead. On the request of James at the Bedford Fringe, the Socks have just produced this little trailer...

Last night the Socks rocked the Pub Crawl gig, a thing that we've done four times now after our own show, where the punters are taken from venue to venue to see acts waiting to perform for them. Because my leg take place in a nightclub it's been a bit unpredictable, and the noise of the chatting drinking punters has been hard to overcome on two occasions. But last night we totally rocked the house and did the best of our four gigs there. Lots of punters came up and had their photos taken with the Socks afterwards, so I look forward to finding those on Facebook.

Today the Socks have their last performance at the Caravan in Rundle Mall (our five minute slot there yesterday being our best yet - all in all yesterday as a bit of good one for gigs. When our appearance on the Fishbowl podcast appears online you'll see us shine in that too), our penultimate regular gig, then tomorrow's the last day. Boo hoo. Gosh we'll be sad to leave the old place. Will we be back next year? The answer to that will come when we add up the figures and see just how well we've done, and how much of that we get to keep. Stay tuned.

I've taken lots of photos while we've been here in Adelaide, but I'm now wary of uploading everything to Facebook cos I have niggling worries about Facebook owning my soul or something. So I'll be printing them in a hardback book, like we started doing with last year's Venice trip, and if you're one of our real close personal friends and you get invited to our house for a party, maybe you can see them all then. Er, our parties are more interesting than just looking at our photos. Or are they? Here's one to keep you going...

The Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre are at The Garden Of Unearthly Delights, Adelaide every night at 7.45 until March 18th. Tickets here.

Four & a half thumbs-up review from The Punch
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"Side-splitting laughs" - FIVEaa review
"Delightfully silly and thoroughly enjoyable" - The Heckler
"Head-slappingly funny" - Festival Freak review
Adelaide Waiting - Socks video

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