Tuesday 3 December 2013

One Direction Vs The Doom Monster - new comics by kids

My travels with my Comic Art Masterclasses have taken me, in the last week, from Guildford to Walsall and thence to Scotland where I taught at a school and a community centre in Mayfield near Edinburgh, then at schools in Falkirk, Balerno and Grangemouth, including a special school for kids excluded from regular school and with behavioural problems, then I rounded it all off with a day in a sweet wee primary school near Ripon. I've worked with everyone from 7 year olds to 17 year olds, and here's the variety of comics they've come up with. Geniuses all.

When asked to come up with a celebrity to tread on a worm (it's a drawing demonstration thing, you really have to be there) they ended up with Joey Essex (twice), Michael Jackson, Justin Bieber, Boris Johnson, Robbie Williams, Niall from One Direction, Harry Styles, Barack Obama, Cheryl Cole, Johnny Depp, and one I failed to record.

I am, as ever, ready willing and able to come to your school, library or art centre to teach my far famed comic art masterclass (though I will really have to work out whether quite this much travelling is either cost-effective or good for my health!), so get me while you can.

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