Sunday, 26 January 2014

Am I Addicted to Facebook?

When did I start getting so addicted to Facebook? Time was, and I know cos I just looked at my Timeline from this month in 2010, that I would use Facebook purely for self promotion. Whether or not this is a good thing, and many would say it's not, it shows a dedication and single-mindedness that I find myself envying.

Back then I would post up the latest Socks video, the news of a forthcoming Sitcom Trials script selection, and comics from a Comic Art Masterclass, then I'd move on and get on with producing stuff. There, in the top right hand corner of my Facebook page, would be that picture of a globe and beside it would be a red blob bearing the number "99+". It was only when someone drew my attention to it that I realised these were comments that I should be responding to.

I responded to the Messages. They were after all respresented by a voice bubble icon, and anyone who knows me knows that I respect the voice bubble. And they were messages for me which, though slightly more ephemeral and unreal than actual emails, deserved a reply. I'd got work from Facebook Messages so I wasn't about to go ignoring them. But the things with the Globe icon, what were they?

Well at some point the Globey iconey things became my first thing to look at whenever I opened up the computer. Never mind reading the news in the Guardian or checking my emails, I was looking at my Facebook commenty things. And why? Because someone was commenting (often inanely) on some comment (always inane) I'd made on something I had liked (flatulently) or shared (pathetically). And when you've started replying to things, you can't resist scrolling down the page to find more fresh things to comment on. It feels like you're joining a conversation, and who's to say it's not?

The trouble is, a lot of the trivia that gets chucked up on Facebook feels like it's informative, it's frequently articles the like of which I would read in the paper anyway. Have you read anything on Messy Nessy Chic or Buzzfeed? Tell me there's nothing there that's slightly interesting. And when I read an interesting article myself, I share it, making me a big part of the problem. I'm in a bit of a sharing feedback loop. Is it necessarily a bad thing, or am I worrying unnecessarily because, this being a quiet month for gigs and schools, I've been at my desk and laptop a lot more than in previous months, and am feeling I've wasted too much time on Facebook? Let me examine the mote in mine own eye. What nonsense have I liked, shared, and commented upon this month?

UPDATE: Today, since writing this post, I've tried to ignore Facebook. Now staring at this...
- I've commented on a links from Nevs Coleman who's leaving Facebook  for similar reasons that I would give if I had his willpower;
- I posted feeble gag "Last night I ate haggis wearing a tutu. That's a second class degree Burns Night."
- I've commented on the bad grammar in someone's post;
- I shared the article by Stuart Jeffires I'd just read in the (printed) Guardian;
- I've engaged in a conversation about how early you need to check in in advance of an internal easyjet flight;
- I made the side-splitting gag "Times leader columns have gone downhill." about a Justin Bieber rant someone had quoted;
- I thanked people who'd thanked me for last night's Socks gigs & I asked my Mum, via her time line, how last night's Burns Supper went.

Yesterday (during which time I went into Bristol to the museum and the shops then went to Bath and performed the first full Socks gig of the year, a triumph now you ask):

Kev commented on a link.
Though anyone who has seen or read The Agony & The Ecstacy of Steve Jobs will tell you, this is only half the story:

Kev commented on a link.
Or, alternatively, this person is an arrogant cock who can't stand people without English degrees from Oxbridge being allowed to write anything ever. We can't all invent a new vocabulary every week. (Oh hang on, it's Daniel Maier, I like him, Ok, he's being ironic, I'll forgive him).
Kev commented on a status.
Kev commented on a status.
Never been caught out by this easyjet/Ryanair cut off thing. They announce the gate 40 mins before take-off and start boarding sometimes half an hour before take off. I've arrived 5 mins before boarding and sailed through, which is great if you get bored in airport queues but not worth risking at busy times (busiest time is 4.30 in the morning at the start of school hols. The queue in Bristol airport can be literally miles long*)
Kev commented on a status.
You should try using iMovie. And if you do, invent another colourful metaphor for me, you're good at them.

And on Friday?

Kev shared a link.
My new favourite thing is Shreds. Here's The Cure. Watch the drummer.

Kev shared a link.
You're kidding. Not a single bid for this classic? Someone's not reading those reviews.
Kev commented on a link.
To the shame of my nation, Irn Bru contains an ingredient called Ponceau. Who knew?
Kev shared a link.
Daily Express continues its brilliant ongoing gag by having the same photo of Madelieine McCann in its front cover for the 250th time

Kev shared a link.
Last night's Top Of The Pops 1979 reminded me, Justin Bieber IS Leif Garrett. (Someone should show Justin Leif's Wikipedia page. It can't hurt).
Kev commented on his own link.
Noooooooooo! Fife Libraries be getting an email today.

Kev commented on a status.
I say office. (Wish I had a funnier answer)
... and so on.

Finally I posted a link to this blog. Will I manage to do less of this and get more work done having shamed myself with this bout of naval gazing. I would like to think so. But those two unexamined comments I see in the red blob beside the white globe are so so... now there are three comments waiting. Damn...

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