Thursday 23 January 2014

Comic Art Masterclasses - to Norfolk & beyond

Hi everyone, I'm Kev F Sutherland, the comics writer and artist who's worked for everyone from The Beano to Doctor Who Adventures via Marvel Comics, Match and dozens more over the last two decades. Now, when I'm not writing Bananaman and drawing Bash Street Kids Adventures, I bring my famous Comic Art Masterclasses to schools and libraries, and in 2014 I'm hoping to reach parts I've never reached before.

In a morning or afternoon session I can teach pupils of any age 7 and upwards how to tell stories in pictures and, by the end of the workshop, they go away clutching a comic book containing a strip by every single one of them plus an individual comic strip by me.

My Comic Art Masterclasses have been to schools all over England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, and Northern Ireland and as far afield as Jersey, Norway and Abu Dhabi. (If you're reading the hyperlinked version of this, do follow the links to see me in all these places). Here's the video of me in action.

I'm available at a cost that's little more than a supply teacher, and I can work my magic with up to 60 pupils in a school day. However, because I'm based near Bristol, there are some parts of the country it's harder to get to than others. So, while I'm happy to hear from any school anywhere at any time, (do please get in touch), I'm also looking to arrange a few mini-tours to help make travel more sensible. So I'm looking to come to schools in:

East Anglia - March 24th - 28th
Fife - April 1st - 3rd
East Anglia - April 14th - 17th
The North Of England (Liverpool to Hull) - May 19th - 23rd

If your school or library is in those areas (large and vague as they may be) and would like to take the Comic Art Masterclass on any of those dates, I can do so for a lower price than if I had to make a one-off cross-country trip. So please get in touch if you're interested and I'll quote accordingly. With visits already planned to Glasgow, Falkirk and Toulouse, you can see distance is no object.

I look forward to teaching your pupils my fine and oft-neglected artform. All the very best till then

Kev F Sutherland

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