Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Home made Dalek & other 8mm home movies

Some 8mm home movies from the vaults have found their way onto Youtube for the first time. Previously seen only by the immediate family and the people who appeared in them, these are seeing the light of day for the first time in decades.

The Blackmailers was my first attempt at a feature film. It took two whole reels of 8mm film, so it was an epic by my standards. Starring my mate Nick Tyson, my sister Jude and her friend Alison from across the road, it was shot on standard 8mm film circa 1974 and transferred to VHS in the late 80s, which is where the dodgy soundtrack comes from.

This was my home made Dalek, made during Jon Pertwee's era of Doctor Who. And clearly I didn't possess any photos of Daleks - there being no Doctor Who magazine in those days, and Daleks not having appeared in the annuals for a while, unless there'd been a photo in the paper that week, where would I have found one? So I had a very bad guess at how many blobs there are on the outside of a Dalek. The boy getting exterminated is Marlon Lunn from across the road.

Superjerk The Movie was made with my mate Steve Noble, who can be glimpsed trying to blow smoke over a mound of snow in his back garden in Bristol. Special effects were clearly not my strength.

Kibworth Carnival 1979

Does what it says on the tin, 8mm footage of Kibworth's annual carnival from 1979, with Jude and I on the Kibworth Chronicle's float.

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