Thursday, 3 July 2014

Blakes Seven and Doctor Who, by me from 1983

I'm staying over at my childhood home between gigs and have just had a look in the cupboards. Check out my version of Blakes Seven, a bit of sample artwork from 1983. It's a crumpled photocopy, the original artwork long since lost. And it's not the only thing I found while having a root around...

Doctor Who? Not only did I look like him at the time (plus ca change) but I turned out a nifty bit of sample artwork for a lad. But who had sent it back I wonder..?

Marvel eh? Well, their loss. Ten years later I found myself working for them after all. Then after a couple of years they filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy and I wasn't working for them. I'm sure their chance will come round again.

Kev F Sutherland, as well as writing Bananaman in The Beano, runs Comic Art Masterclasses in schools, libraries and art centres - email for details, and follow him on Facebook and Twitter. He's been writing and drawing comics for 25 years, he must know something.

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