Saturday, 19 July 2014

New Edinburgh flyers & posters

What do you mean the eleventh hour? Just in time, the Socks Edinburgh flyers and posters have gone to the printers so that, hopefully, they can start going up at the Gilded Balloon next week. Above you can see the back of the flyer, and below we have the flyer front and the poster.

We've stuck with the classic 2009 head shots for this year's show, augmenting them with smaller images of the new costumes. After two years of planning the show right at the start of the year (Boo Lingerie and Socks in Space had their head shots taken as early as February), I began this year thinking the show would be all about Art (we've written a half hour TV pilot on the subject), but by the time of Brighton Fringe in May it was clear that we were coming up with much better material on totally different subjects. The costumes you see on this year's flyer & poster (Nigel Farage, Desert Storm, Mumford & Son and Lady Macbeth) were finished just a week ago and are based on material that mostly didn't exist two months ago (the London previews saw only one of these songs & sketches) and one written in the past fortnight.

At time of writing, the Socks have just done their best preview yet, at Leeds Carriageworks, where I had Hev in the audience to tell me afterwards how well things had gone. We gave them 45 mins of Socks in Space for the first half (missing out everything from Star Trek to David Bowie and still going down fabulously) then 45 mins of And So Am I for the 2nd half (missing out Macbeth & Batman). It was a really good show, a sellout, and such a delight to have an audience going out making all the "wow" and "funniest thing I've ever seen" noises, after what was largely new material. They'd had 90 mins with no Michael Jackson, no Magic, no Halloween, no Horror Cliches song, and even what I consider to be the funniest parts of S.I.S. were missing, and they still loved it. Very pleased.

Of course, as I write this on Saturday morning, we still have a 60 minute preview in Cradley Heath to come, so we'll see how that goes. (After which we have previews in Cardiff, Manchester and Market Harborough, and if the show's not right by then, too late! Edinburgh starts in 11 days. No pressure).

The Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre ...And So Am I is at the Edinburgh Fringe 2014. See you there.

July 11 - Beverley Puppet Festival 
July 13 - Sheffield New Barrack Tavern 2pm
July 17 - Larmer Tree Festival, Wilts
July 18 - Leeds Carriageworks
July 19 - Cradley Heath Comedy Festival
July 22 - Comedy Den Cardiff
July 23 - Taurus Manchester
July 24 - Leicester Ship Of Fools
July 30 - Aug 25 Gilded Balloon, 10.30pm - Edinburgh Fringe 2014

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