Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Song for UKIP Live in Leicester

If you want to bring the nutters out of the woodwork, post up a video about UKIP. Here are the Socks, live in Leicester this past weekend, getting a riotous response for their ever popular Song For UKIP. Comments in so far include:

Is it springtime for the young children of Rotherham?

Now do a song about the Labour party protecting giant pedophiles gangs in Rotherham for 16 years.

Misguided Jocks.... how sad.

I'm sure more such will appear as time goes by. It's good to open up the discussion.

The Socks will be debuting new material from Minging Detectives, and the best of their recent satire, on tour

Mar 13 & 14 Worcester Swan Theatre
Mar 20 Bury Met
Apr 1 Maesteg Town Hall
Apr 4 Rondo Bath Comedy Festival
Apr 18 Ropewalk Barton
Apr 24 Neath NRG Cafe
May 15 Exchange Keighley
May 22 & 24 Brighton Komedia
June 25 Cheltenham
July 17 Carriageworks Leeds
Aug 5 - 31  Gilded Balloon, Edinburgh Fringe

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